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Keto Slimming Gummies Burning Fat 60 capsules




SDP Keto Slimming Gummies Burning Fat Consume Fat Store Energy Malic Acid Healthy Food Grade Weight Loss Candy For Women & Men

Type: Ketogenic Slimming Gummies

Brand:Secret de peau

Term of validity: 2 years

Net Content:60 pcs

Food tips: 1-pc half an hour before main meals or / 1-pcs half an hour before exercise.

Application effect:

1. C8 + C10 can produce ketone quickly, make the human body enter the ketogenic period quickly, speed up the oxidation and combustion of fat, and turn off hunger!

2. Digestion and absorption can speed up the speed of fever, make the human body feel full, and promote fat metabolism

NEW FORMULA GUILT FREE GUMMIES – 0 NET CARBOHYDRATES + PREBIOTIC ACV GUMMIES, all other gummies are filled with added sugars, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. Our patented formula for ACV Gummies has 0 added sugars, 0 sweeteners and 0 sugar alcohols, AND is based on PREBIOTIC FIBRE + APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WITH MOTHER. Guilt-free gummies, remember 0 NET CARBS, they just don’t count!


We’ve developed our patented formula for over 1 year because we wanted to provide you a real & healthy better choice of gummy bears. Keto? Promotes ketosis because contains pure MCT Oil (C8 from coconuts only). Low-Carb? 0 NET CARBS!!! Not in a diet? Eat them without worrying, 98% less sugar than regular gummy bears.


Packed with 54 grams of soluble prebiotic fiber (per bottle) that will help you feel better, promote gut health and digestion but also will allow you to increase the fiber in your diet which is crucial to achieve an everyday doctor-recommended gut health.


Yummy Gummies are not made of gelatin, they are made from PECTIN. These snacks are vegan without the use of gelatin and are naturally colored with whole foods like turmeric. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are present, we created this for you, for your health and your long term goals.

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