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Golden Pearl Cream


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Golden Pearl Cream

Golden Cream Made up on 24 carat golden chips
and natural pearl powder constituted of Gama product
and can be used on the skin.

– Revives the skin and brightens areas around the eyes

– It is used to clear the skin, revive it and hide its defects.

It is suitable for all ages, and among ladies to postpone the appearance of wrinkles and aging signs. Besides, a bride can use it before her wedding to acquire a bright glowing look on her wedding.
Golden cream also used by young women to delay the appearance of lines, wrinkles and signs of aging. The bride can also apply it to reflect her freshness and brightness on her wedding day.

– It increases skin softness and purification and giving it a glamorous shine.

– Golden Cream for improving blood circulation giving your cheeks a pure, fresh and rosy look.

– Golden cream for removing dead cells, regenerating the skin and removing the accumulated effects of pollution on the skin, neck and upper chest.

– It reduces wrinkles and slowing down the process of decreasing the collagen and maintaining the skin flexibility.

Side Effects

Golden cream is distinguished to have no side effects and does not cause any irritation. It is made to re-balance your skin color and texture
Any woman or girl can apply Golden Cream anytime and young girls can start using it early to maintain their youth and shiny look before the appearance of any signs of aging or skin problems. Golden Cream is the fantastic elixir of youth.
How to use the Golden cream:
Golden Cream can be used as a mask and protective cream for the skin to recharge and renew cells due to its nutritional benefits. It contains several minerals necessary for the skin of all women.

– Apply a very small amount of cream on the skin and gently massage upwards and circularly on the entire face and neck.

– Massage until the cream is completely absorbed by the skin until you notice that glitter appearance.
Golden Cream has many benefits:

– It works on the re-vitality and freshness of the areas around the eye, which are characterized by dark color due to tiredness and lack of sleep. This mask leaves your skin refreshed and shiny giving your eyes a brighter and attractive look.

– It works on protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays caused by the sun by creating a shield from skin cancer

– Helps in purifying the skin, restoring its youth and hiding its defects. Golden Cream is suitable for all ages, especially older women; it also works on increasing skin smoothness and radiance.

Duration of use and results:

Golden cream is distinguished to have no side effects and provide your skin with the necessary elements to help keep it fresh and bright for many years. You can use Golden cream every night before going to sleep for an indefinite period of time
Components of Golden Cream
• 100 % pure gold chips
• 100 % natural pearl powder

The benefits of Gold and Pearls together and their use for a brighter skin.
Store at room temperature.

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